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Laundry Guide

Louseoul recommends customers follow our washing guide to maintain Louseoul products in their best condition. 

+Wash garment inside out and with cold water.

+Wash with similar synthetic fabrics to avoid rubbing against harsher materials in the washing machine. 

+ Do not bleach. 

+ Low speed spin and hang dry. Do not dry in heat/tumble dry.

+ Do not  use dryer sheets, fabric softeners or detergents with fabric softener as it will breakdown the wicking properties of the garment.

+ Separate bra pads before washing. 

+ Deeper colors may require multiple, separate washings to remove excess dye. Some dye loss may continue beyond the initial separate washings, so use caution when practicing on light colored mats or in light colored clothing.

+ Be sure to avoid leaving damp items layered. 


(Exchange/refund is not possible for defective products caused by mishandling of washing)