Free delivery for all orders in Hong Kong.

Payment by "Payme"

To complete payment by Payme for your order, launch Payme app on your device:

1. Go to “Menu“ or “Home“ and select “Pay“
2. Inputing the following mobile number including “+”;


3. Choose WhatsApp as the messaging channel 
4. Enter your amount, note, and transaction visibility (you can select “Private“ or “Friends“)
5. Tap on “Pay“
6. Enter your PIN or Touch ID to authorise the transaction
7. Your conversation with the intended payment recipient will be automatically opened in your selected messaging channel, with the payment request message in the messaging field


*Check louseoul whatsapp profile picture below to avoid sending money to a wrong person!! 



8. Send the payment request message 
9.You will recieve notification when the payment is collected by LOUSEOUL. 


Need more help? Visit Payme Help page